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Hack of the day.

Aug. 4th, 2002 | 05:29 pm

Here's my hack of the day. Okay, so it's really my hack of the last two weeks, but if I say "day" it gives the impression that I'm this insane code-writing machine. Either way, here's something I want to show you.

You pays your two-bits and you takes your chances.

Announcing Quizilla. It's just one of those weird ideas that you get. After I slapped together my last weird idea about a uniform specification for Quizzes and Tests, I had the idea that "what if there was a program that built these definition files for you?" This evolved into "what if there was a system to build these definitions for you and makes making quizzes easy, plus hosts the quizzes, calculates the results and hosts the images, too?"

What a concept.

A hare-brained concept, maybe, but it's here and it's available. It's free and I think it's a pretty cool package. You register, you make a quiz and give the link to your friends. No javascript or programming experience required. If you like making or taking quizzes, take a peek.

Are you on fire?

brought to you by Quizilla


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