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I just spent three hours fighting with time-zones support in a project then I realized "fuck it, my audience knows how to count" and decided they can just use UTC and like it.

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Kicked ass yesterday, followed Neal Peart's adivice of "Kick your own ass, gently". Meaning, make a list of things to do and then do them and after you have done them, allow yourself to be satisfied with what you accomplished.

Also did a bunch of email replies to people that I've wanted to reconnect with for years. The "zero inbox" thing I starting to turn become great because it removes the spectre of "Oh man, look at all the stuff I have to to" and replaces it with, "Ok, I have these 3 things to take care of." it becomes a functional version of 'out of sight, out of mind.'
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So I started throwing together another quick web-site idea last night. It's one I've had in mind for about two years. I started it back then but I petered out since work at the time was taking all my energy.

Work is still taking all my energy, but I decided that it's something I need to work through. I've put my work time for this new project on my calendar so I get reminded at 8PM every night that I need to put in an hour of work on it. That approach worked for getting me to start writing a journal again, so I hope it can work here.

Quizilla's 9 year birthday was a few days ago, too, so maybe there's some timing there too.


Last night my wife an I were on couch watching Tivo'd episodes of something or other. I think I was looking at laptops online, she was looking at the Quizilla Wikipedia page.

People still use Quizilla, like, all the time. That staggered me. Someone has been updating it's page to have a play-by-play of all the outages, issues and problems. That staggered me some more.

I have been toying with the idea of re-rolling Quizilla for at least 4 years now; I even spent a few thousand on a lawyer to figure out my legal positions if Viacom/MTV ever tried to come after me (short answer: I'm in the clear).

Maybe it's time I should do it, though I have so many irons in the fire I don't know if I can really find the time. Moving to be a full-time CTO (read: no longer writing code) at my day job may help, but then I have to move my ass and finish Rubyproof because it'll be a year in October since I started it.

But I really want to try to see if I can reclaim some of the old Quizilla magic. Under a new name of course.

I could try and get myself fired here, or quit, but I still actually believe that my current company will succeed -- at least long enough for me to say I've been CTO for a funded company.

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  • 11:54 Just found out my niece is in the hospital for complications from #H1N1. Talk about getting hit close to home.. #
  • 11:56 @charlesmaxwood A Developer needs to be able to think like an end-user as well as a programmer; they need to understand what users expect. #
  • 17:06 Todays #codeify, number 10, has been stolen (with attribution) from @blowmage: bit.ly/35YxHV Thanks Mike! #
  • 17:30 @dbrady ..right, because with JS turned on it's AJAX based. Technically, you're on the same page. Plus it's hard to change the URL with JS. #
  • 17:57 @blowmage @dbrady Didn't think it'd cause such a kerfuffle; JS links are off now. link_to_remote needs a 'use JS' switch like I just made. #
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  • 10:21 I've been using TextMate for 1.5 years, why do I still insist my comment lines be a max of 78 characters? I don't enforce that rule on code. #
  • 10:58 #8: Don't judge a programmers skill by their choice of text editor any more than you'd judge a painters by their brush. is.gd/4O4fq #
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  • 09:39 @cavneb ..point of order: there is no such thing as Red Licorice. It's Black Licorice or nothing, the other is just "Red Candy". :) #
  • 09:45 If I start refusing to eat bacon, you'll know I have H1N1. But if that happens, just shoot me because what kind of life is it without bacon? #
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  • 13:32 The Monster Energy people are suing everyone now, guess I can't buy it anymore. First Rockstar, then Monster, what will I drink now? Water? #
  • 15:36 "They added a column into every table and did an 'ownz0rd=1'." #
  • 18:23 Finally, she got me too: the dog chewed up my glasses; my $400 glasses. I am many, many leagues below displeased now. #
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