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xunker's Journal

"Before I can exercise proper revocation, I have to know who this what is."

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No, that's not my real birthday.

I am a hacker. I write code. I take pictures. I scribble words, solder electronics, splice wires and overdrive my car stereo.

Yeah, that quizilla thing, I did that, and it shames me daily. It's still my job, but since I sold out I have bigger passions now.

I hap herring and wish I lived in some other country but still fear leaving this one. I am a Candian-American but still recognize that we are all citizens of the world nothing as silly as political bounds can keep the family of Man seperate forever.

I love my girlfriend, my cats, my family and anyone else who gives me reason. I hate no one because those who hate you don't win unless you hate them, and then you destroy yourself.

I believe in free code, good music, fine food, sensible cars and that with enough packing tape, pipe-cleaners, Lego MindStorms and Perl any man can change the world.

My Social Security Number is 078-05-1120, in case you need that.